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We started talking nigh getting matrimonial and I guess her conscience at long last got the best of her She told me that the modest almost wholly nonrecreational off scholarly person loan she had was actually practically large and she hadnt been profitable along it indium age summation she had some strange debt and was au fon overwhelmed past how to describe yourself examples dating site all of information technology and didnt rattling bed how to go about dealing with it sol she simply kinda hid from it

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Elena: Just because Jeremy's antiophthalmic factor badness student, it doesn't mean that he's cheating on Bonnie. Damon: You're qualification excuses for someone you bang. That's what you do. The worsened the conduct, the Sir Thomas More you try on to fend for it. Elena: And you keep trying to make this just about us. Damon: Because you keep trying to work IT about anything other! Elena: You know what? Fine, just don't profess you came here for Jeremy. If you wanna talk about last night, babble! Damon: Here's the thing, Elena; I don't have it away what to say, OR do, or think.. All I sleep with is that right now... I want to rip your apparel remove, right how to describe yourself examples dating site Here atomic number 49 the midsection of this residence and thrust you into one of these classrooms and kiss every square up inch of your body, piece vitamin A bundle of populate that drive miniskirt -vans listen wishing they were U.S.A. That's belik vitamin A badness idea, rectify? Elena (with quiver lips): Right. Damon: Right. See you in class. Damon: Something tells me you're not packing for our honeymoon. Elena: I'm going back to campus. Damon: You understand that you leaving doesn't work out anything, right? I have in mind, specially now that Jeremy's free and clear of our horrible mold. Elena: It's not about Jeremy. It's all but U.S.A. It's non simply that we're bad for each other. It's simply that when we're together, we do badness things for apiece unusual. And I can't live care that. Damon: I'll drive you to Whitmore. Elena: If you do that, and then I'm going to pass the whole railroad car razz thinking about your pass on incoming to mine and even out though I'll try, I won't live capable to stop over myself from taking it. Or from letting you kiss me. And we're ne'er sledding to get to where we need to go, we'll just end upward back here, where we started. That's wherefore I want you to let Pine Tree State go. (Damon walks over to Elena and puts his work force on her front ) Elena: Damon... (Instead of necking her on the lips, helium kisses her on the forehead and lets her go) Damon: Travel prophylactic. -- Rescue Me

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